Beauty Trend: Berry Colored Makeup

If you’re looking for a great shade for this season of Spring or Summer besides the most common color, Pink, yet you Beauty trend: Berry Colored makeupwant something similar to the shade. The perfect hue to go for would be berry shades. It’s a fresh color with different shades to choose from that will surely suit your skin tone. Whether it’s for the eyes, cheeks or lips, berry shades would give you that radiant glow. You can even wear the a variety of the same shade all together without looking too match-y.

For the lips, you can enhance your smile with a pretty shade like a raspberry shade. It’s close to natural yet with a sexier yet sweet twist as it also has the elegance of the classic red lips and the feminine look of pink lips. You can even use lip tints which often comes in berry shades, that you can even apply to your cheeks as well. So if you have that free makeup sample of a lip and cheek tint which you haven’t used yet, now is a time to give it a go.

Berry shades are also perfect for the cheeks. It’s a must have cheek product, as you can use it all year round. Berry shade cheek colors can give a vivid and natural flush that radiates your inner glow. Start with a flawless complexion using your favorite foundation, and even with just a cheek blush alone can give your whole look a huge difference.

Same with eye makeup. Berry shade eye shadow maybe a little bit off to some of you, but it can also give your eyes a fresh look with soft shades of berries and you will have that bright and feminine eye makeup. If you want something different from your usual makeup routine then berry shade for your eyes is a must try.

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