Applying Dark Lips the Proper Way

Most makeup collections for this season includes dark lip colors. It’s a really huge trend on the runways and on editorial magazine shoots. As easy as it seems, applying dark lipstick can be a difficult task and sometimes it is also difficult to maintain all throughout the time you’re sporting it. Keep in mind that it just all comes down into properly applying it. One you have mastered the right way, applying and even maintaining it would be a piece of cake that wearing dark lipstick can even be a regular thing for your makeup routine.

There are just a few simple steps to follow:

First is to define your lips. If you have decided on what shade of lipstick to wear, choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick. Trace the liner around your lips from your cupid’s bow. Smudge the liner with your fingers or a cotton bud to soften the liner a little bit if you don’t want any harsh lines on your lips. Fill in your lips with the lip liner as you would with your lipstick. Then, blend your lined lips with your chosen lipstick. Fill it in using a lip brush applying color from the center of your lips spreading it outwards. Lastly, finish the entire lip makeup by blotting your lips with a tissue, then following up with another layer of lipstick for a long lasting color.

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