Why Cosmetic Companies Give Out Free Makeup Samples

You might have wondered about why so many cosmetic companies give out free makeup samples through their website. Some will even be suspicious about these offers as they will think that some sort of a scam is involved.

This article will hopefully allow you to understand why a cosmetic company engages itself in giving out free cosmetic samples. Cosmetics products are those that are heavily driven by word of mouth sales. You like a cosmetic product; you are going to tell a friend who is going to tell another friend. You get the picture right?

This is exactly what free makeup samples will do. Makeup kits can be quite expensive and most women will refrain from buying something new in the market if they don’t know how the makeup is going to look on their face. It is for this reason that a cosmetics company will hand out small sampler packs to women who can try out the makeup kits from their home. If it is a hit with that person, they are almost guaranteed to buy that product as a good makeup kit is often like a best friend to a woman.

Most websites that give away free makeup samples will often request your email in return for the free sample. They will use this email to send you promotional offers in the hope that you will one day decide to buy one of their products.

Now that you know why free makeup samples are being handed out, you might also be interested in knowing where to find them. For that, search engines are your best friend. Go to any popular search engine such as Google or Yahoo and type in “free makeup samples” to be presented with millions of results. You can spend at least a few hours browsing through these websites and almost every one of them will be able to offer you at least one or two free makeup samples. There are a few select sites such as Allure.com that will even hand out full size free makeup kits that will be a real steal if you can get your hands on them before they are grabbed up by somebody else. Most websites will usually give out these free makeup samples at some point of the month. Allure for example hands out these samples at the beginning of every month. Every site will have its own unique tradition.

You can also find free makeup samples at upscale departmental stores that will carry a cosmetic section. All you will have to do is ask for a free sample and they will be more than happy to give you one.

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