Try Free Samples Before You Buy…

Makeup kits are often quite expensive and women around the world are unsure about spending a lot of money on an expensive makeup kit when they don’t know how good it is going to look on them. Just because the makeup kit has a great picture of a model on it does not mean that it will necessarily work for you.

Fortunately, most cosmetic companies will give out free samples of makeup that you can try before you decide to purchase. To get your hands on these free samples of makeup, you will need to do some legwork although it will not be very difficult.

Here are some quick sources where you will find free samples of makeup.

Fashion/Cosmetic websites – These are the best places to look for free samples. Almost any fashion site will give out at least a couple of free samples of makeup kits to their readers. You will usually need to become a member at such sites although membership will be free. You will just need to sign up with an email, name and address. Once you have signed up, browse through the site to find free samples of makeup that will invariably be present somewhere. Sometimes, you will not even have to look for them as the website will offer you free samples of makeup on their own.

Magazines – If you have subscribed to fashion magazines, you will find a coupon or information page that will tell you how to get free samples of makeup. You will usually just need to send in a small request through an attached postcard that you will find in the magazine. You can then expect your free samples of makeup to arrive in the mail.

Departmental stores – Any decent departmental store will have a cosmetic section that will invariably give out free samples. These free makeup samples will usually be just enough for about one or two applications although you are bound to find more than one free makeup kit. Don’t be shy or embarrassed about asking for a free makeup kit as it is your right as a consumer to first try out a product before you buy it, especially when the company itself is promoting free samples.

Asking through a letter – You will be surprised at the effectiveness of this method. If you really like a brand, look up their contact information on the Internet and send in a letter describing how you love their products and would love to try out something new that they might have introduced. Many a girl has been delighted to receive a free sample by writing such letters.

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