Product Review: Benefit Benetint

I just love multi-purpose products, it saves time and it is really a great staple for your makeup kit especially if you travel Benefit benetinta lot. I got my Benefit Benetint as a free makeup sample from my favorite beauty counter, and of course I ended up constantly using it. The small free sample can last for a week, or depending on how much you use it.

Benefit Benetint is one probably of the most phenomenal and best selling lip and cheek tint in the market. Though, I can’t say I’m a fan because I love the Benefit Posietint better. It’s a sheer rose colored liquid cheek and lip tint that can give you the most flattering and natural shade of pink on your cheeks and lips. I love that it’s water proof as I can use it while working out and still have that beautiful flush on my face even when I’m sweating and all. It’s has an amazing staying power, as when I applied it during the day, I can still see a hint of it at the end of the night.

The only downside is that it dries too quickly. So, just make sure you blend it as soon as you apply it on your cheeks. Fast, or else you’ll end up having a harsh streak or spot of the product. Well, once blended properly you’ll see that it’s worth it because the color and the finish is just so pretty.

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