Celebrity Makeup: Zooey Deschannel

Indie princess Zooey Deschannel, the star of the newest TV series, New Girl has got to be one of the most charming faces andCelebrity Makeup: Zooey Deschannel personalities on the tube and on the big screen. She has captured the hearts of many with her quirky ways and distinctive look.

She is never seen with heavy makeup whenever she’s in public and even at events or tv interviews. She actually doesn’t even need to, her look can be best described as K.I.S.S. Makeup and she can own it like no other. K.I.S.S. meaning Keeping it sweet and simple.

This look, like what she always has on is just perfect for school, work or brunch with your friends. An ideal everyday no fuss makeup routine.

In this look, she just focused a little bit more on her beautiful blue eyes with heavy eyeliner and full lashes. She already has that amazing skin to begin with that she just made brighter with a cherry colored cheek blush or stain. She probably used a cheek and lip tint, as she has the same color on her lips. Or, a pink sheer lipstick with just a tiny hint of shine.

Zooey always look so young and fresh with just a minimal amount of makeup. It’s because of her distinctive looks and charming personality that never fails to stand out.

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