Best Sources for Makeup Samples

For most people, it is not the best time when it comes to personal finances. People are cutting back on expenses wherever they can and makeup kits will probably be on the top of the list of items to cut as they are quite expensive.

However, there are plenty of free makeup samples available at different sources that will keep you going for a while. It doesn’t mean that you are going to become a freeloader by availing all these free options. It actually makes sense to try out make up products first before you decide to buy them and free makeup samples can be a great way to do just that.

Here are the best places where you will find free makeup samples online

  • Walmart – Though it is an economy store, they carry most of the popular makeup products that you will be interested in. Walmart has a tradition of giving out free samples at a certain time every month and you should regularly check their cosmetics page for such deals.
  • Allure samples – Allure is a great fashion website from which you can get full sized free makeup samples. Just go to http://www.allure.com/freestuff to look for free makeup stuff that they give away. August is one of the best months to visit that website as they give out hundreds of free makeup samples on an everyday basis.
  • Face book promotions – Face book is another great site to find free offers. Visit the fan sites of famous cosmetic companies and you will invariably find some great free samples being offered to fans and members of a certain club. All you will have to do is join a certain page to receive their free sample offers that will go out on a regular basis.
  • Any other fashion site – Apart from the sites mentioned above, almost any fashion site will carry free makeup samples. They will generally require that you become a member of their website although registration will be free and take only a couple of minutes. You will also have to usually sign up for a newsletter in order to receive free makeup samples although the newsletter will also be free.
  • Use search engines – If you are really interested in particular free makeup samples, just type in “BRAND NAME free sample makeup kits” into a popular search engine such as Google or Yahoo to come up with websites that will be giving away those particular brands as free samples.

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