Max Factor Elixir Worth all the HYPE?

max factor elixir

Max Factor Elixir in all its glory

So just what is all this talk of Max Factor Elixir? News is still fresh on the release of Max Factors latest creation which is said on the grapevine to be quite a treat for all us makeup lovers out there. Not like anything before they have released this new and exciting 2 in 1 foundation that combines not only makeup but also skincare into one product, how exciting! Now you may not worry too much at a young age about wrinkles but certainly as you get older they become more and more of a problem.

Women who say they dont worry about wrinkles are lying lol Anyway what this magical stuff does is cover the wrinkles perfectly giving an instantly beautiful finish and then to top it off it contains SPF15 which if you use it every day, (which you should!) can help stop the effects of ageing effects on your skin like any eyesore spots or blemishes and a wonky skin complexion. It really does look very nice and i cant wait to get my little makeup loving hands on a sample!




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