Walmart Launches GeoGirl 8-11 Makeup Range

Walmart have faced quite a stir recently with their launch of a makeup range aimed at the 8-11 year olds, the so called “tweens”. This GeoGirl range consist of Blusher, Facial Shimmer, Lipstick and Mascara. Not only those but anti-aging too! Anti-aging! Can you believe it? Eight year olds do not need anti-aging products, they’re far too young.

lthough facing some criticism walmart state that the products are designed for young skin and that they are made from 100% natural ingredients (just like lush products are!), so is it so bad? I think it is aiming at a very early age range but girls are maturing earlier with each generation and with the pressure of the cosmetics industries on TV it is no surprise that the demand for makeup from young girls is growing.

This is a picture of Katie Prices’ daughter “Princess Tiaamii” after a makeup… does she look good? 😐

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