Urban Decay Eyeshadows

The first time I’ve encountered Urban Decay cosmetics as I remember was through free makeup samples, and as soon asUrban Decay eyeshadows I’ve tried them on especially the eyeshadows, I was instantly hooked. For me, Urban Decay eyeshadows are just really different from other brands’ and that they have really distinctive and fun variety of shades that you can play around on your eyes, individually or blended together.

Now, Urban Decay have revamped their eyeshadows and I just can’t wait to try it out. Thanks to the advance formula technology Urban Decay found a formula that is said to blow your mind, along with a new packaging as well. As described in the Urban Decay website, the new and advanced formula made their eyeshadows even softer with amazingly velvety texture, richer with more dense and decadent color, smoother and more uniform pigment distribution and blendability, and long lasting quality with a more crease free wear.

Also stated is that the secret to the new formula is their Pigment Infusion System, which is a vehicle for color that holds tightly to pigment and gives the formula its glide. The propriety blend of ingredients allows color to weave itself through the eyeshadow formula, which means insane color payout. Color that stays on your lid, sparkle that doesn’t fall, and velvety suede like smoothness and blendability. The amazing technology works for every shade and finish. It comes in 5 gorgeous finishes which are shimmer, satin, sparkle, duotone and matte.

The packaging has been perfected as well as it is inspired by the New York City subway tokens, the gorgeous gunmetal compact allows you to pop the eyeshadows out and pop them into the newly released and introduced Build Your Own Palette.

Each shadow retails at $18 and is available at your leading beauty stores that carries the Urban Decay brand.

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