Reese Witherspoon Avons Global Ambassador

Reese Witherspoon Avon Ambassador

Reese Witherspoon Avon Ambassador

Reese Witherspoon is helping do her part to fight cancer thanks to her involvement with makeup samples giant Avon Foundation’s Breast Cancer Crusade tat is helping find new ways to fight cancer without harming or experimenting on animals. Avon pride themselves on being a cruelty free cosmetics company mainly focused on breast cancer research, which is sadly an ever growing concern of the general female population.

Avon are said to be so proud to have Reese onboard their campaign and expect it to do wonders for their popularity and future outlook. Good on you Reese, stick with the good cause and get us some free samples of makeup honey, you’re making a difference in the world, keep it up, we’re proud of you! xx

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