Noir G de Guerlain Exceptional Complete Mascara

Sometimes women needs to give themselves a little bit of extravagance to feel good, and there is definitely nothing wrong Noir G de Guerlain Exceptional Complete Mascarawith that and one of the easiest luxury for women to splurge on are cosmetics. One of the newest item on Sephora’s website is the Noir G de Guerlain Exceptional Complete Mascara. It’s only available online and it retails at $49 a tube. It comes in a very unique and extravagant mirrored packaging that has that jewelry case feel to it. You might even buy it just for the packaging alone. It promises a do it all formula that says to add volume, lengthens and curls, all of these in just one product.

According to Sephora, the Black Pigments create perfectly defined eyes without any risk of smearing, smudging or clumping with a fortifying agent that helps regenerate lashes by stimulating keratin for fortification and lash growth. Now, talk about an all in one mascara right? It’s also sounds like an eyelash growth serum. Another thing that makes this product unique is its refillable applicator, giving you convenience and ease if you’re the type who likes to sanitize her makeup tools and prefers switching or replacing mascara wands regularly. You might want to check out your local beauty counter to see this beauty is already available in stores, or better yet you might end up having free makeup samples as we always do when buying other newly released products.

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