Metrosexual Makeup is on the Rise

Mens Makeup

Men and their Makeup

Mens makeup is not something new, but in recent years where the celebrity male stars are adopting new exciting makeup and cosmetic ventures the trend is slowly catching on with the general public. Some music stars love their makeup, especially those rock types, with their blacks and whites, they have the confidence to explore, and try new things, and with them being in the lime light they can persuade many others to do the same.

Mostly men who buy makeup currently purchase concealer or a simple selection to cover spots or help blend and tone their skin, nothing too outlandish! A Mac spokesperson has been quoted as saying “makeup is unisex”, which is true, there isn’t a set rule that only women can purchase and buy makeup samples and samples of makeup and products in the beauty world.

It is available for all, merely social norms limit men to feeling comfortable giving the makeup wearing a miss and sticking with what they do best… have a shave and brush their teeth and a bit of cologne if you’re lucky 🙂

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