Make your Eyeliner Last Longer

For most of us, eyeliner is one of the essential part of our makeup routine. It’s the easiest way of emphasizing your eyes and Make you eyeliner last longermaking it stand out with different ways of applying and with different eyeliner products to choose from. Of course, you should also know these simple tips that can make your eyeliner last longer, or best make it last from morning till night.

Eyeliner can have a short staying power, it can crease or crack and it can fade as well by mid afternoon (especially if you have oily eyelids). So, if you’re the type who always have a busy schedule, making makeup last longer is a must to no longer have the need to retouch or reapply before any event.

First, prep your eyes by using an eyeshadow primer to have a smooth base for the eyeshadow and to help keep the eyeliner in place. Apply your choice or your favorite liquid, gel liner or pencil liner and make sure it dries properly before going on with your next routine. You can dust black eyeshadow on top of your liner which can help set your eyeliner and keep it in tact. There are also products already that can seal in your eyeliner for a more long lasting effect, one is from Make Up Forever called Eye Seal. You may try to check out your favorite makeup counter for a free makeup sample or a trial for you to see if it works well for you.

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