Make Up For Ever Aqua Waterproof Makeup

Spring and summer is all about outdoor activities, you have the Spring Break that most people look forward to as they Make Up For Ever Aqua Waterproof Makeupget their travel bags ready for an amazing fun time which most of the time includes water and pool activities. For women, it’s all about swim suits and of course makeup. Travelling can be fun and easy as all you need to pack are just spring or summer wear which are like basically the same, and some fun makeup where you can even also throw in your stocked makeup samples for single use on the go. Whether it may be Spring or Summer, all you need would be waterproof makeup just to be sure and safe whatever activities are in store for you.

There was a time that the only waterproof makeup product is the mascara, but because of high innovation in cosmetics there are brands already that came up with a whole line of waterproof makeup, from your face to your eyes, lips and even your eyebrow like Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Waterproof Makeup which professionals all over the world can recommend. Aqua Waterproof Makeup has a wide range of waterproof beauty products with tons of shades you can choose from. These collection consists of Aqua Liner which is a high precision waterproof eyeliner that comes in 15 gorgeous shades. There is the Aqua Cream, which is a waterproof cream color you can use for your eyes which comes in 22 shades. Aqua Eyes, waterproof liner pencil which comes in 25 shades. Aqua Lip, waterproof lip pencil in 18 different shades. Aqua Smokey Lash in Black. Aqua Black, which is an ultra pigmented cream eyeshadow in black, if you want to sport a smokey eye. Liquid Makeup for the Face and Body, which has a gel texture making it water resistant. Full Cover, and extreme camouflage cream which is also water resistant and Waterproof Eyebrow Kit that comes in 4 shades.

This fabulous collection is not only used for professional shoots, like underwater or beach shots but it’s also made for women who are always on the beach or even those who loves travelling to tropical place. You can check Make Up For Ever Aqua Waterproof Makeup at your favorite beauty stores that carries the brand, you might even be given free makeup samples while you’re at it to check which shades suites you.

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