Magnetic Nail Polish

magnetic nail polish

Beautiful Magnetic Patterns

If you love being experimental with your nails and want something which will make your friends go “wow, what’s that?” then magnetic nail polish is the next BIG thing. If you haven’t heard of magnetic nail polish before then don’t you worry because i’ll quickly explain it to you! Ok, with normal nail polish you just gently and carefully apply and… well that’s it. The only real choice you’ve had was that of the colour of the nail polish. HOWEVER with magnetic nail polish you can now make your very own patterns after you apply it to your nails!

That’s right, you apply it to your nails, then gently wave a magnet over the top creating some unique beautiful patterns, which could not be brushed on in a thousand years! Each nail will be slightly different and uniquely characteristic. I got my hands on some and my goodness it is SO much fun, and is going to be a huge huge hit, especially with Christmas around the corner. Rush out and get some if you can, it rocks!

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