Magically Cool Liquid Powder – Leaked!

So fine! It's like fairy dust!OMG! 🙂 Has everybody heard about the new Magically Cool Liquid Powder?! It sounds absolutely lush, it is advertised on MAC’s website as being a limited edition release and contains 70% water, a super fine, defined, mist like ultra light super tidgy widgy particles of dust which when added to your skin (or mine!) cools it and enhances the look of any foundation. If this is as good as it sounds it is certainly going to be mesmerizing and i’m going to jump right in and get one as soon as i can. Adding a beautiful glow to your face is what we’ve wanted for ages, and with generic or even top brand foundation there is always – in my opinion anyway – room for improvement. I hope this does what it says it does and can add a gorgeous shine to my foundationed face, if it does i will buy more, i promise MAC! Now send us some makeup samples! hehe…

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  • KaNdRyXx says:

    I’ve tries thie product at the M.A.C counter.
    It’s finishing is almost like mineralizer but with finer glitters.
    A really cool product for those natural look with light-reflecting pigments.

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