MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash

When you need a beauty product that can instantly perk up your look without wearing too much, a mascara is definitely MAC Zoom waterfast Lash mascarathe one you’re looking for. Even when worn alone, it can give your eyes look brighter and more defined. It also that one beauty product that is very convenient to bring when you’re always on the go.

Yet, when you’re that kind of woman who loves to travel, you must also pick a beauty product or more specifically a mascara that can be worn in any kinds of weather or environment. A water proof mascara is a must, yet even some water proof mascara runs in just a matter of time under certain circumstances. Now, MAC has revolutionized your usual water proof mascara with the MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash.

As described in the MAC website, the MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash Mascara is an all weather, laugh till you cry, waterproof Zoom Lash as fabulous as the original. This mascara curls, lengthen and repels moisture for 12 hours of smudge proof wear, while maintaining the soft, flexible, intense black drama Zoom is known for.

This fast to act drama of creamy, velvety zoom lash comes with a flexible, sculpted brush with unique 3 sided fibres that holds and separate the lashes. It retails at 15$ a tube at your favorite MAC stores and counters or at the MAC cosmetics official website.

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