LORAC Wild for TANtalizer Collection

Of course, one of the most popular looks during summer is the bronzed look. For most of women, tanning essentials are a must. A good tanning spray or lotion, and definitely a tanning makeup set can complete the summer must haves especially for weekends at the beach. You have to keep in mind though, that you also need the right balance when creating a beautiful tan, just enough product to give you that natural glow or what they also call as the ‘sun-kissed’ look.

Summer is one of the reason why makeup collections that give a really nice tan makeup are such huge hits. Makeup enthusiast or even those who just want to have everything they might need for a beach trip purchase such products even before Summer start, like what Sephora is recently offering. The LORAC Wild for TANtalizer Collection. It is described by Sephora as a limited-edition of summer must-haves, a set that contains all the warm-weather essentials including an eye shadow quad with shimmering gold and bronze eye shadows, a limited edition animal print face bronzer, TANtalizer Lips with Benefits Gloss in a super sexy peach bronze shade, in an exotic canvass bag with animal print details. You will also love that each makeup product is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and other harsh chemicals, so you’ll not only have that natural glow, but a healthy one too.

You can purchase the LORAC Wild for TANtalizer Collection at your favorite Sephora stores for only $39 (with an original value of $135), and you can even bring home some free makeup samples as usual along with your shopping purchases.

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