Lancome Rouge in Love High Potency Lipcolor

Lancome has yet again released another stunning collection of lip color which they named Rouge in Love, High Potency Lip Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick  Color. As stated on Lancome’s website, Rouge in Love is a collection of feather weight and radiant, high potency colors that contains nourishing repairing oils that keeps the lips smooth and soft for up to 6 hours. It comes in 21 beautiful and romantic shades of browns to neutrals, dark browns, pinks to berries, and reds to corals which Lancome even categorized in 3 moods, for shades you would want to wear depending on the mood that describes your day.

Moods such as Jolins Matins or ‘pretty morning’ which are ready to wear, luminous fresh day shades that is said to recreate daylight on the lips. These are the shades that are perfect for your daily makeup routine, or if you want to go strolling in the park or at the mall. There is Boudoir Time which are the trendy ‘it’ shades that gives your lips and intense bright lip color, and Tonight is my Night which are the sophisticated shades that can give your lips intensity and depth, perfect for any night time events or parties.

It can be purchased from the Lancome website, or from your local beauty counters that carries the Lancome brand which you can check out to see the shades in its truest color, and you might even bring home some free makeup samples along with your purchase. Retails at $25 a tube.

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