Lancome Glamour Eyes by Michelle Phan

In today’s generation of high technology, one can learn how to apply makeup in just a few clicks. Lancome Glamour Eyes by Michelle PhanIf you’re a makeup enthusiast who is always online to find the latest buzz on what’s happening on the beauty industry, the name Michelle Phan would most probably ring a bell. There are hundreds of makeup gurus on Youtube and Michelle Phan has got to be one of the most popular among them, she was so popular and really amazing with makeup application that Lancome made her their official makeup artist and now with her own line of makeup which is exclusive for Lancome.

Glamour Eyes features Lancome’s new color design palette, Chic by Chelle which was created and named by Michelle Phan herself. The makeup kit includes Michelle’s favorite Lancome products which are: The Inky Artliner Precision Point Artliner and the Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara. The Makeup kit also has instructions on creating three looks Phan designed — a natural eye look, a diva eye look, and a smoldering eye look which is her favorite.

It is available at your beauty counters, which is a must to check out as they might even be giving out free makeup samples as they always do with new products. This makeup kit is also exclusive and a limited edition at the Sephora website.

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