Lady Gaga Stars in a Weird MAC Viva Glam Advert

Ah the ultimate diva, the one and only Lady Gaga. As popular as always and not without reason, she just emanates excitement and glamor doesn’t she? Always in the news and she has one of the most popular facebook fan pages on facebook! Now she’s starring in a somewhat weird and wonderful advert for MAC’s Viva Glam range. Just watch it, it’s quite extraordinary, her reflection flickers in and out while she stares into a mirror, spooky! 🙂 She is raising awareness for Aids and HIV and all the money donated goes towards these fantastic causes. With Lady Gaga at the forefront of this movement there will be so much of a following that it will really benefit the cause.  I wish they did free makeup samples, but nevermind. The video is below, just give it a watch!


You can see Lady Gaga speaking about this cause at this link. Well worth a watch, i love her glasses lol A little over the top but hey that’s Lady Gaga for you 🙂

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