Do Cosmetics Beat The Recession?

During 2010 the makeup and cosmetics industry saw good all round growth unlike many other industries which were strained by the recession and the limiting of spending by members of the public. Ok, maybe women are not going out and buying the latest trends and spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars but they are still out there buying makeup. The mens market is something which has also exploded onto the scene, especially skincare. Skincare is the strongest mens makeup area and is growing all the time, men are responding well to the new advertising getting them interested in looking smooth and sexy and becoming the frequently-seen-on-TV metrosexual man 🙂

Did you know that in 2005 women started using makeup at the age of around 17, yet today it is… wait for it… under 14! That’s a big jump in just a few years and the increasing popularity of young pop stars is the reason. Music artists and actors such as Brittany and Miley Cyrus are popularising cosmetics and encouraging the companies to make them more available to the younger mass generation. With this increasing demand for makeup, the younger generation are finding it harder to afford such luxuries, so the desire to get free makeup samples is surging as not only are people spending a little less due to the recession but they also want to try before they buy!

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