Dior DiorShow New Look Mascara

When it comes to mascara, the review will just either be a hit or a miss. There is no in between, there is no mediocrity. It’sDiorshow New Look Mascara either it’s a good buy or not. There are just a few in the market when it comes to mascara that are considered as a crowd favorite and one of it is the DiorShow Mascara. There is definitely a cult of professional and amateur makeup artists that are huge fans of this product. Now, Dior has come up with what they say a better version of the original DiorShow Mascara, the DiorShow New Look Mascara.

It is said to be a mascara that delivers infinite volume and an unparalleled lash multiplying effect. ¬†According to Dior as stated as well at the Sephora website, the DiorShow New Look Mascara features and exclusive breakthrough nana-brush to catch and coat every last lash with a precision of a couturier’s hand. The extra-ordinary formula extraordinaire, with a Lash Amplifier which is an ingredient for instant lash multiplying action. It has a one of a kind brush in its distinctive Dior packaging.

DiorShow New Look Mascara has just newly arrived on the Sephora website. The product comes in 3 beautiful natural shades (Noir New Look Black, Bleu New Look Blue, Brun New Look Brown).

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