DIOR DiorShow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler

Some of you may not notice but having curled lashes can give a really beautiful effect on your over all look, especially DIOR DiorShow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curlerafter a coat or two of mascara. It creates drama for your eyes, making it brighter and wider than the usual. When you want to give your face a rest from all the makeup products you use, try curling your eyelashes and coating it with mascara and you’ll instantly see the difference.

There are lots of lash curling products out in the market already, and there are even mascara that offers the same effect lash curlers give. Still, having an this eyelash tool is one of the most essential part of your makeup kit. If you’re a fan of runway shows, you have definitely encountered Dior’s fashion shows. Their runway shows give a peek of makeup looks to try and this time they have shared one of their secrets to creating that long flirty lashes. If you’re not into the regular eyelash curlers, or you find it too scary to use that you might hurt your skin or pull your lashes off, then you will definitely love this product.

They have recently released the DiorShow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler. As stated at the Sephora website, it is a heating lash curler inspired by the backstage techniques of Dior Fashion shows for lashes with infinite curves. This product can be used on bare lashes to prep for mascara application, or after mascara is applied to thin the mascara formula and perfectly coat every lash for even application. Dior promises a wonderful result of enhanced lash curve and perfect, long lasting hold.

You better get your hands on this product already as it is an exclusive and a limited edition product which is available at Sephora or any of your beauty counters that carries a Dior brand. You may want to check it out, as you might even be able to bring home free makeup samples along with your purchases.

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