Dior 5-Couleur Eyeshadow, 654 Aurora

I am a huge fans of eyeshadow palette, as brands always come up with amazing color combination in a really compact Dior 5-Couleur Eye Shadow Palettepackaging. I love that these palettes are great when I have to travel, as I can just bring with me a neutral colored palette and a bright colored palette just in case I feel like putting on some fun colors together with my makeup.

One palette that I can’t wait to get my hands on is Dior’s newly released 5-Couleur Eyeshadow in 654 Aurora. I have seen it on the Sephora website and I just love the shades as seen on the photo. Perfect neutral shades with lovely gold and bronze hues. Sephora describes this new and limited edition product as a palette of eye shadows in luminescent sunny shades inspired by the most glamorous emblems of the French Riviera. Between the shimmering azure of the Mediterranean sea and the blazing heat of the sand, the 2012 Dior Summer look invites us on the sundeck of the Croisette  for a very chic escape. With a touch of French Glamour, Mr. Dior’s beloved French Croisette unveil its warmth and freshness for an elegant and glamorous season.

It comes in the distinctive palette packaging with the Christian Dior brand on the cover with 5 gorgeous shades embossed with sunny waves, as well as 2 mini eye shadow applicators. It retails at $60 at everyone’s favorite makeup store– Sephora, where you can even bring home some free makeup samples along with your purchases.

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