Bobbi Brown Light Brow Kit

If you’re not in the mood to wear too much makeup but you still want to look polished or well made up, remember that a Bobbi Brown Light Brow Kitgroomed, defined eyebrows give eyes an instant lift as it also frames your face. You can have that natural looking brows by just filling in the sparse areas, or you can join the bandwagon of the latest trend of full and thick brows by letting your brows grow or shaping it to a more thick arch.

Bobbi Brown is keeping this beauty task as simple as possible by releasing a brow kit with everything that would need in giving your arch a beautiful and defined shape. Achieving this brow task would never be a problem anymore with the Bobbi Brown Light Brow Kit which is a limited edition for this season. This eyebrow kit features two shadows which is the Cement and Birch Eye Shadow, which is used to define and fill in the brows, it also features a two sided mirror (with one side magnified) plus a mini tweezer and an angled brow brush.

Grooming and defining the brows is simple. There are just a few, easy steps to follow. Brush all your hair down using a spooley brush to properly see the brow line. Fill in the arch and sparse area using the shadows in light, stippling strokes using the brow brush. Brush one more time through the strands to blend and to have a softer finish.

The Bobbi Brown Light Brow Kit retails at $45 and is available at your favorite beauty counters that carries the Bobbi Brown brand.

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