Product Review: MAC Lipstick in Dubonnet

Having atleast one shade of red lipstick inside their makeup kit has become a staple to most women, especially those who MAC Lipstick in Dubonnetreally loves makeup that they even have a variety of red lipsticks with different shades and undertones. If you are to keep one, what would you choose?

During one of my makeup hunts, I’ve brought home some amazing products along with free makeup samples and one of my most amazing finds would have to be the MAC Lipstick in Dubonnet. I already have my MAC Ruby Woo as my essential red lipstick, but I thought that I should give this one a go. When I tried it on at the makeup counter, I instantly fell in love. It was a deeper shade of red, something really more glamorous. I know from that moment that it would be my all time favorite red lipstick.

Mac Dubonnet as described on their website, is a ‘deepened claret’. It basically the perfect description of it. It is a deep and warm red with berry tones that gives a really rich opaque color when applied to the lips, along with an amplified creme finish. It also has just the perfect amount of glossy sheen, not the shimmering kind but the look like you have a really moisturized deep red lips. What I like most about it is that it is not drying and it is long lasting.

MAC Dubonnet is a part of MAC’s permanent collection of lipsticks, and is available at $14.50 a tube.

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