Product Review: Benefit Posietint

Multi-purpose makeup products are best when you are always on the go. It is also ideal when you just want to pack lightBenefit posietint when travelling. Benefit Posietint is a lip and cheek tint with a liquid-gel formula, it has a thicker consistency than most lip and cheek tint in the market. The formula makes it easier to blend and it doesn’t really leave streaks or splotches on your cheeks when blended properly. Other liquid tends to dry easier that even before you start working on the product, it already splotched your cheeks.

Posietint has a bright pink color that gives your whole look a natural flush of color like you just got pinched. You can build the color’s intensity so you just need to apply a small amount at first and work on it until you get your desired color. It has a long lasting staying power which is also a plus. It also gives that natural pinkish color on the lips, like you didn’t really put anything on.

The product comes in a small bottle with a brush tip applicator which is easy to use and it can fit into your smallest purse, if you ever need a quick retouch.

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