MAC’s Invincible Mirror Reviewed

Mac have released their Invincible Mirror from their popular Wonder Women Sping 2011 collection, and boy does it pack a punch! Now if you’re like me and have a teeny bag then you may have to cram this in with a bit of force. It is 4″ in diameter and comes with a beautiful golden color pouch which it fits snuggly inside of.

Most of us are used to smaller compact mirrors so this may come as a little overkill for some people however all die hard MAC fans should certainly get it, what’s to lose, it’s only $20, so if you are in the market for a new compact mirror give it a go 🙂

Make sure you keep it in the protective pouch however because with it not having a protective lid it will scratch easily, and we certainly don’t want that. This would make a fabulous gift with some makeup samples and would brighten up any girls day, and certainly make them smile.

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