Free Makeup Samples

Free Mac Makeup

Click Here! Free Makeup to Test and KEEP!
Thanks to ‘justinsgal89’ for sending us the link above to Toluna, go to their site, signup using Facebook, and test products for free! 🙂 x x

9 Responses to Free Makeup Samples

  • daniela91 says:

    thanks for the link to Toluna!! just signed up, i love having new things to test, plus u can make money completing there surveys! u didnt mention that? x

  • BB says:

    Products never look like how I expect them to look when I get them home from the store. This is an excellent remedy to that dilemma! No longer will I waste time and money on products that are all wrong for me; instead, I can sample, evaluate, and THEN purchase with confidence. Thank you!

  • Olivia says:

    Can you please let us know about more free makeup samples? My friend is going to London next week and it would be great to get some free MAC products 😉

  • Candace says:

    Hard to find makeup..:/

  • Jazz says:

    I love makeup!
    & samples would be so great:)
    So I could try on & now what to buy next time:)

  • khadidja says:

    i looooooooove makeup so much and samples too.

  • danielle says:

    i LOVE makeup, but i hate when i buy something and it doesn’t look at all like i thought it would. samples are the best invention ever! i will buy tons of a product if i know i’ll love it.

  • Brenda van den bosch says:

    Would be great for a non us resident like me to be able to get mac samples or any other high end brands for that matter. thanks for this initiative

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