Tom Cruise a Fan of Katie’s Makeup Samples?

Tom Cruise with Makeup

Tom Cruise with Makeup

Tom Cruise… he isn’t OLD by any means but apparently he has been having a little bit of a mid life crisis and has been reaching for Katie Holmes’ makeup – when she’s looking the other way! lol – the sneaky little man. There are a few reports of these goings on so it’s certainly true, can you believe it? Our hunk has resorted to getting the lovely Katie’s makeup and plastering it on all over his beautiful – not all that wrinkly – face.

He wants to lok a bit younger, that’s the short of it, he wants those little tiny wrinkles to dissipate and leave him feeling young once more. Mainly a user (or stealer!) or foundation he has been known to use Katie’s mascara – i KNOW!!! OMG!! – to make his lashes look at fat and fluffy and lovely, so i must say… come on Mr Cruise… man up a little bit… for me?

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