Justin Biebers Hairstyle – Secrets Uncovered!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber


Well if you’ve ever wondered how our little Justin Bieber gets those exciting textured hair looks he so wonderfully shows off then wonder no more folks, the secret is out. His hairdryer is something he would not leave home without… well maybe he does occasionally but not often! His stylist – as we all know is Vanessa Price who i hope reads this and sends up some nice makeup samples to play with – told UsMagazine about his super high powered hair dryer, now this hairdryer uses pretty much the same amount of power as a kettle, and you know how hot they get!

Solano 3700Moda

Solano 3700Moda - The Bieber Blaster!!



This is an expensive hairdryer… yes you will hear correctly… i kid you not… $220! 😮 He was seen using the hairdryer in the behind the scenes hidden away bit of the splendid video “Somebody to Love” over a year ago now. Now confirmed by Vanessa as the one they use to make the magic happen on our little Justins pretty little head. So there you have it, i bet you want one don’t you? 🙂

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