Christina Aguilera Sells Her Huge Mansion

Christina Aguileras Mansion

Christina Aguileras Mansion

Christina Aguilera is ready to part with her magnificent mansion in Beverly Hills! She has advertised it for a WHOPPING $13.5 million dollars – can you believe it? That’s a huge sum of money and boy is it big, the house itself is set on 2/3 of an acre (i don’t really know how big an acre is either but i bet its big!). It’s a Mediterranean style home – no not a pizza – and has a huge big foyer (that’s the entrance bit), a humongous stairway too. It has a gym – even though you probably get enough exercise running around the house because its so big – a dedicated children’s room, lucky children… a movie room, wow, imagine how big their TV is. Deep breath… it also has a recording studio, a beauty salon – imagine that girls *dribble* makeup samples galore! hehe… oh and guess how many bedrooms? SIX! Yes six and NINE bathrooms, so you’d never get caught short when you need a wee. lol 🙂 Outside there’s even a spa and swimming pool, wow, what luxury, well maybe one day….


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