Celebrity Makeup: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular young artists out there. She’s talented, beautiful and she always look so amazing onTaylow Swift Makeup any red carpet events. What I like about her is that she knows what colors and looks compliments and emphasizes her skin tone and features, and every look she wears are always fresh and age appropriate. She doesn’t try hard and she always look classy.

Taylor has always have a clear and fresh skin to begin with so, a sheer foundation and powder may just be enough to give her look a flawless finish and in this photo she¬†played with soft shades of pinkish peach for her cheeks and just applied a lipgloss to her lips. She focused more on her gorgeous eyes. She used a silver liner and shadow that suited her skin tone perfectly as it made her eyes stand out. She added depth on her peepers by using a black liner and just lining the upper lid so the eyes won’t look too overpowering and added faux eyelashes that gave definition to her eyes even more and finished her whole look with just a simple up-do.

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