Celebrity Makeup: Jennifer Lopez

All throughout the years, Jennifer Lopez has always been consistent with having a gorgeous makeup may it be on the red carpet, her music videos or magazine shoots. Her makeup is all about accentuating her perfectly bronzed skin and beautiful eyes.

Jennifer Lopez, Makeup

Jennifer Lopez has that all over glow and her makeup artist always opt for golden, neutral look that suits her best. Most of the time she wears shimmery earth toned eyeshadow with a hint of smokey effect to emphasize her eyes plus flirty eyelashes that makes her eyes standout even more without overpowering the whole look. She is blessed with a radiant and stunning skin to begin with that’s why the makeup just follows smoothly onto her face. Plus a hint of bronzer to just further accent her beautiful cheek bones and a little highlighter for a illuminating and glowing finish.

Jennifer Lopez’s makeup is very versatile that women often tries to achieve this look. So, everyone get your glow on and this makeup routine will never fail in giving you second glances and smiles from strangers.

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