Celebrity Makeup: Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle has got to be one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. Whenever she goes to an event or a specialCamilla Belle Makeup occasion, she never fails to show up dazzling and stunning as ever. She can rock whatever makeup or clothes she wears and she always leaves a statement.

In this photo, she’s sporting a vampy look which is very high fashion editorial. The Vampy makeup, termed as such because of looking gothic without being too dark. It has been popular even before vampires became a trending subject among teenagers.

Camilla Belle looked timeless and classic with a perfectly flawless face, using just a small amount of berry colored blush to contour her cheeks and highlighter on her cheek bones. She used a dark plum lip color for her lips with just the right amount of matte. She defined her eyes by using gray eyeshadow and a coat of mascara, skipping on the usual eyeliner she went ahead and filled and shaped her eyebrows for that amazing pair of arches that completed the whole look.

Vampy makeup is all about the rich dark colored lips and the flawless face. It is about sharpness and definition like Camilla Belle’s entire look. You can opt for colors like Burgundy, dark plums and berries for the lips and cheeks. A very ideal look for evening or cocktail occasions.

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