Product Review: MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt

One of the biggest trend in beauty this year would have to be neon, and as well know orange is said to be the color of the Product review: MAC Lipstick Vegas Voltyear. An orange lipstick has become a must have beauty product. I, myself find orange to be too vibrant or loud but once I was able to find the right shade. I was hooked that I wore the same shade consistently every day. I picked up a Mac Lipstick in Vegas Volt shade and I was definitely in love.

In the website, it is described as a full power coral but when I tried it on, it was more on the orange side for me with hints of coral. Just the perfect shade for Summer as well. It’s a very wearable orange shade, without the neon effect. It’s definitely an easy to wear shade which is not only for your summer activities but it’s can also work well for your everyday makeup routine. It is described to have an amplified finish, which is my favorite finish among Mac lipsticks. I just love that it gives a full opaque coverage with an intense and bright color even with just one swipe. Plus it also has a creamy consistency that can be moisturizing for the lips, in my opinion.

I bought my lipstick at Macy’s where I even got a free makeup sample on my shopping bag along with my other purchases, so you can check out your favorite beauty counters as well as they might have some orange lip product samples you might love.